Review of Rhumba Numba

26 Jul

Stan Fischer (Artist)
Rhumba Numba (Album)

Right off the bat I was very impressed with the professional wrapping of the cd. This lead me to believe I bought this album off the shelf of your local record store and I’m about to listen to a platinum artist. The guitar on the front of the album sets the listener up for exactly what he or she is about to hear some great guitar playing. Stan has a similar sound to the John Butler trio or a latin Stevie Ray Vaughan. The quality and mixing of the cd is grade A and very professional. Passion definitely went into the creation of this album. Smooth and groovy guitar riffs leave the listener wanting more. There are also traces of Dizzy Gillespie in some of the guitar melodies.

Track 1: “Rhumba Numba” This opening track jumps right in Stan’s style of lots of 16th note paterns with very little breaks in the song parts. Nice upbeat song to get the listener shaking his or her head along to the rhythm of the song.

Track 4: “Fat’s Rag” Right at the beginning of the track I heard a waltz type of feel. With the walking bass in the background driving the song until the end of the track. Then out of nowhere we get a nice tempo change. The song moves along at a quicker pace with a very cheery feel to it. One of my favorites on the album where I cannot help but nod my head along to the track.

Track 6: “Front Street Roll” This is the most commercial track on the album. It has the a very catchy melody and I can easily hear it getting spins on a radio station. It is very groovy and has a professional quality in the writing of the song.

Track 10: “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” Stan was able to take Beatles song and make it his own. He definitely put his 16th note style to this classic song. Stan really took the main idea of the original song and went off on his own path with this track. Amazing song matching very closely to the level of the original!

Track 11: “Woogie” This was another fun song by Stan. The beat was up-tempo and very groovy. Another track that I could see getting listens on a radio station. The guitar ability of Stan is also displayed front and center with this album closing song. I strong way to finish an album.

Reviewed by Adam Campbell of Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion