Review of Lovers From Beyond the Stars

26 Jul

Stan Fischer (Artist)
Lovers From Beyond the Stars (Album)

Lovers From Beyond the Stars is packed with great guitar riffs and melodies. The artwork of the album suggest the album to be an emotional rollercoaster narrated by Stan and his guitar playing. I greatly appreciated the professionalism of the album being properly wrapped in plastic just like a CD of the shelf of your local record shop. Stan’s sound reminds me of the John Butler trio where the acoustic guitar is the focal part of the album. The production of the album is very professional. Great full sound along with a proper mix between the lead guitar and percussion parts. Solid Instrumental Album. This album truly is a very unique and new music for guitar!

Track 1: “Intro” This is a phenomenal opening tune. The large display of sounds is a great opening to the album. Very full and smooth guitar sounds lifting up the sky. Strong intro also displaying the type of style the listener is about to hear.

Track 3: “Carmelita” Stan displays his style in this song again with the 16th notes melodies and constant playing. I like this song in particular for its almost afro-cuban feel it has. This is a change of pace from the other songs on the album. I myself being a drummer can also appreciate the solid percussive work behind the lead guitar melodies.

Track 6: “Guitar Bender” This is my favorite track on the album. It is very upbeat and shows Stan’s ability to play fast rhythms. The song drives forward and forward until the very end of the song.

Track 8: “South of the Border” I felt that this guitar riff was the most commercial of all the other guitar riffs. By most commercial I mean that it had the most catchy feel and professional writing quality to it. The opening guitar part really interested me to listen further into this song.

Track 11: “Slide Train Slide” had a great southern rock guitar feel to it. The tempo change a few seconds in also made the song more enjoyable giving the listener variety. The slides on guitar match the title of the song perfectly.

Track 13: “Chopin’s Riddle” This was a good track to close out the album with giving a smooth sensual ending to the listener’s ears. This song has strong latin-flamenco roots which is exactly what Stan and the listener are looking to enjoy!

Reviewed by Adam Campbell of Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion